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Shot fired at the Target Center

When you go to a World Fighting Championship event, one can assume to expect some violence to occur, but that is from within the fighting ring, not outside of it. Saturday night turned out to be a little more frieghtful than expected at the Target Center, as a gunshot was fired near section 133 of the arena after a small scruffle between patrons broke out. The motive for the incident was unknown, and the gunman and the target both fled the scene proceeding the gunshot before security could identify the man.

Although it was quite a disturbance, the event did go on and only some people left the arena. The section where the fight broke out allegedly had blood all over the floor where it occurred. This was the first time that gunshot has ever been fired at a Target Center event and events will continue as planned for this week.

Story @:http://www.startribune.com/crime/story/1425999.html