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Vikings begin season on a victorious note

The Minnesota Vikings, whose first game of the new NFL season was not even sold out at the Metrodome, put on a stellar show Sunday versus the Atlanta Falcons in spite of the fact, winning by the score of 24-3. The home team relied on it's defense to come away with the win, because as expected, the offense was not exactly clicking on all cylinders, although rookie running back Adrian Peterson did have a nice debut, finishing with 163 total yards and a touchdown. The team's defense accounted for two of the team's three touchdowns and sacked Atlanta quarterback Joey Harrington six times.

The metro area was nearly deprived of the opportunity to see the team perform on Sunday, for the team was some 1,500 seats shy of capacity, but thanks to corporate support, the team was allowed to be aired on television and they didn't dissappoint their fans once given the chance to be seen.

Although the victory was a good start to the new season, it was against a team in the midst of one of the ugliest controversies ever to plague the game, if not all of of sports, with star player Michael Vick's dogfighting case hanging a dark cloud over the Falcons. The team was picked as the worst team in the league by ESPN's website, and is expected to struggle this season.

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