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Man drowns in Mississippi River after late night fall

A Twin Cities' college student fell from a bridge over the Mississippi river and was declared deam Sunday after emergency efforts fail to revive him. The man, who has not been identified yet, has been cited as a Milwaukee man and was seen by two onlookers, one of who said that he jumped off the bridge, and the other saying that he fell. Police were called to the scene early Sunday morning and the man's body was found roughly 45 minutes later. It is too soon to tell if alcohol ws invloved in the incident.

Although it isn't known for sure if the man was intoxicated, The Pioneer Press added that exactly a year ago Sunday another man fell and died after falling off a bridge into the Mississippi after a night of drinking. That weekend was also the first in the annual Oktoberfest celebration, which was also this weekend. It is possible that this man died of some freak accident that had nothing to do with alcohol, but if this man was indeed drunk, it should be seriously considered by colleges to take more precautious measures because of these events and require a alcohol related course for all students.