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Star soccer player Totti cleared of doping allegations

Italian soccer star Francesco Totti had been accused of doping, news that shocked the soccer community, but the case was dropped by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) on Friday. Soccer Net reported this news as it was released on Friday, after months of rumors and bad publicity for the AS Roma striker. The report gave no details of the possible offence committed by Totti but Italy's ANSA news service said the 31-year-old had been late for a routine doping test on May 13. Totti said that his son was born on that day and that it was the reason he was late.
For people that don't understand how big soccer is internationally or how big a star Totti is, lets just say that it blew Barry Bonds out of the water, and it would be a way bigger deal to Italy if Totti was convicted than if Bonds was convicted in America. Doping has been a consistently negative, yet frequent topic in sports for the last few years or so. people have differing opinions on the topic. For example, Dr. Fost, of Milwaukee says "I think athletes should be allowed to use them if they want‚ preferably under medical supervision," yet the overwhelming thought towards them is undeniably bad.

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