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'U' students being polled over Facebook profiling

Everyone seemingly has a couple of them on their profile, if not an overwhelming ton of them, but it is fairly common to see photos of students with alcoholic beverages in their hands, and quite possibly, in the their systems as well. These photos, that are posted by the owner of the profile, or by their friends, may be one of the things potential employers will look at when assessing the candidacy of a perspective employee. I know I have erased about 20 photos and cleaned up my page of all the rap music propaganda. The University of Dayton reports that 40% of people polled said that they would check a possible employee's profile for background research. The MyU link on the University of Minnesota website has a poll where approximately 72% of people polled say that is unethical to do this type of research, but who know how biased that number is, given that the vast majority of people polled are probably students.
I know that seeing pictures of potential employees passed out with bottles of liquor surrounding them may be a little unsettling given that the person has to show up to work in the morning five days a week, but to an extent, college students will behave like college students and that may not correlate to how they behave in professional life.

The sources would be physical authority and online authority.