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Vikings defeat Bears thanks to Longwell, Peterson

Week six is typically a bit soon to declare a game a "must win," but if the Vikings plan on making a playoff push this season, Sunday's game versus Chicago was certainly a must win, and the team prevailed with a 34-31 victory. Kicker Ryan Longwell nailed a career long 55-yard field goal as time expired to give the Vikings the win, after Chicago built a comeback that would have left the team deflated had they completed it. Had the team lost after rookie running back Adrian Peterson's breakout game, I don't know if the team would have recovered, but lose they did not, and Peterson should be given most of the credit for the win, compiling the 3rd most total yards in NFL history, and rushing for the most yards a player has ever rushed for in a Vikings uniform.
If you watched the Kansas City game a few weeks back and fast forward to Sunday's game it would almost appear as though it was a completely different team in a completely different league, as Sunday provided fireworks that would be expected from the team the entire season. Scout Ken Moll, of Scouts Inc. noted that Peterson was excellent, but that some unheralded teammates deserved some of the credit as well. "Excellent zone blocking up front and great vision, balance and instincts by rookie RB Adrian Peterson controlled the tempo of the game," Moll said. Now, hopefully, this momentum can translate to more great victories similar to Sunday's.

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