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Dylan biopic opens at Uptown Theater

"I'm Not There," the new Todd Haynes-directed Bob Dylan biopic opened on Friday on limited release at the Uptown Theater, according to the website Movies.com. I saw the film this weekend and I was very intrigued, but a popcorn-flick it is not. The whole concept of using six actors to portray one man, although none of the actors are actually named Bob Dylan and only three out of the six have even a little resemblance to the man is what dragged me to the theater, as well as Cate Blanchett's portrayal of Dylan. I am a casual Dylan fan, not a hardcore, and my overall knowledge of Dylan's life and tendencies certainly played a role in how I watched the film. The review at the same site gave it an 'A' and said that it didn't really matter if you are totally familiar with every step in Dylan's life. I don't necessarily agree with that analysis, as I was lost at moments when others in the theater where laughing. The film does not move in the typical type of linear form of narration that you will see in biopics like "Ray," and "Walk the Line," and the choppy style of storytelling is certainly unique and takes some guts to attempt, let alone execute. I have to say that the Blanchett performance was amazing, as her mannerisms, speech and body language were pretty much dead on, but then again I am not the biggest Dylan-historian there is. I recommend seeing this film, but I do warn non-Dylan fans and those who need linear transgression to be prepared for a few scratches of the head and to be partly blowin’ in the wind.