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Hunter leaves Twins for lots of cash

Torii Hunter officially became an ex-Twin on Thursday when he signed a five-year contract worth $90 million with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, according to The Star Tribune. Talk about a having a lot to be thankful for on a Thanksgiving that Hunter and his family will be giving thanks for for many Thanksgivings to come. The Twins' offer of three years and $45 million didn't even end up being in the vicinity of what Hunter got, and like the paper emphasized, I am shocked he got that much money. The Angels are now on the books to owe Hunter upwards of $18 million for his services in 2012 when he will be 38 and surely to have had his physical capabilites substantially diminished. $18 million for a gimpy center fielder with moderate power numbers is quite pricey, and the paper made more of a deal about how the Twins organization cannot be blamed for not coughing up that much dough than how much he will be missed. ESPN actually has more coverage on its website regarding what the Twins will do now with their other high profile star, Johan Santana. The coverage is on the front of the MLB section on the website, that can be seen here. I would not be surprised to see Santana go, and I agree with ESPN, when they say that the Twins should get what value they can for him now through a trade, than later when he will sign for a number that completely obliterates Hunter's gigantic contract.