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"No Country for Old Men" opens to looooong lines at Uptown Theater

"No Country for Old Men," the latest effort from homegrown auteurs, the Coen brothers, opened in limited theaters Friday. Limited release is what "indie" films typically open to a solid month prior to widespread release so film buffs can see the film first and go crazy writing about it all over the internet while their hero Wes Anderson awaits them on their screen savers. This film, which opened at the Uptown theater and only the Uptown theater on Friday, had lines wrapped around Hennepin Avenue all the way down to the Lunds grocery store over a block away on Humboldt Avenue for the Saturday 7:00 p.m. showing that I witnessed on first-hand account. If "The Rake" publication ever wanted such implicit publicity, they should have been around this line, for if there was ever a target audience, this was it. The high-brow magazine actually wrote about this film at their website and they surely raved away, as they should have. Simply put, this film, careful not to use the term "movie," was superb. It is their best film, smarter than and actually just as witty as cult classic "The Big Lebowski," and more aesthetically pleasing than anything they have done, including "Fargo." The suspense, landscape of scenery and casting were basically flawless, and it certainly took them a long time to create a film of this stature, as "The Ladykillers" is a distant memory. It makes "American Gangster," another movie about money and drugs look like "American Wankster," to quote the enigma of all enigmas, 50 cent. More about the film can be read at the film's website.