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Report finds most homicides in Twin Cities committed with guns

The Pioneer Press published a story this week that caught my eye for no other reason than that it was sad, and sad because it was not surprising. The paper reports that a vast majority of the people who died in Minneapolis homicides last year were killed with guns, which was according to a new report by the Department of Justice's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The report showed that the Minneapolis homicide rate decreased significantly in 2006 from 2005, but more than three-fourths of those murders were committed with a gun. The article used a lot of statistics, and they did a good job citing the unfortunate news. I was studying another report online entitled Death by Murder and it reported that Minneapolis was neither one of the most dangerous cities, nor one of the safest. Washington D.C. was listed as the region with the highest rate of murders by guns, and Maine was listed as the state with smallest rate. I was not surprised by either reports, but every time I come across a gun related article, I just hope it is something positive, something for change; neither was the case here as the mood remains bleak. The Virginia Tech tragedy last year, along with the preposterous annual murder rates should be blaring signs that something needs to be dome about the gun control laws, but I know all too well how large of a battle that issue is to fight. The question remains: How terrible of a crime or staggering of numbers is it going to take for changes to occur?