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Twins sign Monroe in hope of pleasing Hunter

The Minnesota Twins traded for Cubs outfielder Craig Monroe Tuesday, according to The Star Tribune. While Monroe is known as a "Twins killer" from his performances against the club when he was the Detroit Tigers, he struggled last year with Detroit before being traded to the Chicago Cubs midseason. To show how a local paper will cater a story towards their audience, the fact that Monroe is friends with longtime Twin Torii Hunter is almost just as big of news as they signing itself in the coverage, as the fact even made the headline in the "Strib." All other national coverage of the trade may have mentioned the fact that the two are friends near the end of the story, as ESPN did, or maybe not even mention it all. The fact that the two are friends is a big deal to locals in the Twin Cities because they can have hope that the acquisition may play a role in the team resigning Hunter, who turned down the team's three-year offer of $45 million. I doubt that the trade will change Hunter's decision at all, as he is looking for the contract that will be the largest of his career and he wants to maximize his intake, which is very much his right to do, despite the fact that fans will be possibly be bitter towards him if he bolts for more money. At least we have Craig Monroe, and we may have hope in signing aging Arizona Diamondbacks slugger Tony Clark, a very typical Twins prospect, a low-cost, low-reward guy.