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Boston looks to acquire another Minnesota sports icon

First David Ortiz, then Randy Moss, then Kevin Garnett, and now it appears, Johan Santana. With the New York Yankees having made it quite evident that their offer is no longer on the table, it seems quite imminent that the Boston Red Sox will snag Santana, according to ESPN's Jayson Stark, although nothing has been made official. The possibility that Santana is a member of the Red Sox and is reunited with Big Papi, aka David Ortiz by the time I finish this post is very possible. Jon Heyman at Sports Illustrated concurs with Stark's reporting, as he says that "The Yankees self-imposed deadline has been met." As I wrote before, I don't mind the trade from a business standpoint, and Twins fans really need to stop being so emotional. If they feel so lost without their sports heroes, I suggest moving to New England, you'll feel right at home with all the familiar company. (“F@#% Boston,? I secretly mumble underneath my breath)