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Chavez threatens to sue CNN

CNN reports that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is prepared to sue CNN regarding their mishap this week. The network ran a picture of the 53-year-old Chavez on Tuesday with a caption below it reading "Who killed him?" The caption was meant to be run with a picture of murdered Washington Redskins player Sean Taylor, who has also been in the news all week, and it was certainly irresponsible broadcasting journalism. Despite the error, Chavez has been in the news frequently about his turning Venezuela into a socialist regime. What I find more concerning in this article than the fact that Chavez is threatening to cut CNN affiliate Globovision from the air is that the report says that Venezuela is the fifth largest supplier of oil to the U.S. This number is very alarming as Venezuela has some leverage with their resource and the U.S.'s dependency on foreign oil continues despite the fact that it could lead us to some serious international disputes in the near future.