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I wake up this morning and Santana is still a Twin

Another day passes and star Twins pitcher Johan Santana is still with us, but boy, is he hanging on for his dear Twins-life. After reading this ESPN article I am as anxious as ever regarding the two-time Cy Young award winner's future with my hometown team, for it declares that trade talks have reached "an apex," and that if a trade doesn't occur within 48 hours, all trade offers may be pulled from the table. The site reports that the AL East rival New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have made their final offers, with the Yankees now willing to add young phenom Phil Hughes to any package for Santana, and The Red Sox staying pat with their offer of centerfielder Coco Crisp, pitcher Jon Lester and two other prospects, refusing to add coveted centerfielder Jacob Ellsbury or prospect Clay Buckholtz, whom the Twins badly want added to the deal. I am reluctant to say whether or not I am anticipating the trade or dreading it, for either way seems to weigh heavily on my emotions. This article, by the Strib's Joe Christensen, makes me sleep a little easier at night, as he says that trading a franchise star has paid dividends for the team in the past, and that it might be wise to get some value for the star while we still can, seeing that we will get nothing when he walks as a free agent next summer.