September 13, 2005

Emotional Competences

As far as Goleman's personal and social competences, I would rate myself somewhere in the middle. I feel that I am aware of my emotions, even though I may not have complete control in changing them. For the most part I can control my negative emotions, but when I get angry they still show through. I tend to get a little sarcastic and flustered. I do have problems with change, not necessarily within the place I work, but I fear changing jobs and new situations to an extent. I feel that I am self motivated and I am, as stated in the text "aligning with the goals of the group or organization." When it comes to empathy I am empathetic to a point, but when I am approached negatively I tend to lose that empathy and become defensive (by negatively I mean when someone is yelling or being rude, not when I am approached with feedback). Working in retail for all my working life thus far has helped me to be service oriented. I can be persuasive but could use more work and I feel that I work well with others as a team. I also can encourage people to do things, even though I'm not really in a position of authority (other than seniority) without being demanding to them, which might spark disatisfaction.

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