September 13, 2005

An Effective Landscaping Team

An effective team in the landscaping field would need characteristics retating to social skills and the ability to work well as a team. There are different steps to producing a landscape that don't necessarily have all the same people involved in. The first step is the designing. A designer views the site and produces a plan that has to be detailed enough that the foreman can install it. Sometimes different aspects of the plan may be installed by different sub-contractors. Here is a list of things that could (this isn't always the case) have a seperate sub-contractor: decks, cement work, ponds, retaining walls, and others. These people could be different than the crew installing the plants. Therefore it is extremely important that the various foreman have good communication skills and can work well with others. The designer, as well as needing to answer questions and work with all the parties doing installation, must be a good listener and be able to transform the clients wants and needs into a landscape. These several groups must be able to work together and coordinate from the beginning of the job through the end.

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