March 1, 2007


This article from the Star Tribune caught my attention. I am going to be getting married in August so I have been worrying about the cost of every thing. When I heard this story, I was surprised. The sum of $1 million caught my attention.

The gist of the story is that a bride hired a woman to be her wedding planner with only three months. The wedding was going to take place in Hawaii and it was a big affair. The bride hired the planner at a wage of $90 an hour plus any out-of-pocket expenses.

The wedding went great and everyone was happy. When they returned home to Minnesota, the planner billed the bride for 233 1/3 hours of work and $584.16 in expenses. The bill comes to $21,584.16, the bride sent out a check for the $584.16 and a not that the rest of the money would be on the way.

After the groom saw the tab, he claimed that it was, “too rich� and they would not pay it. The planner is suing for the money.

I think that it is a funny story. I have a problem with the fact that it is not explained in the article where the $1 million comes into play. I know that journalists are not good at math and I am no exception to the rule but by my calculations, the total tab that was given to the newlyweds should have been $21, 584.16. Where is the rest of the money? It does not make sense. One other problem I had with the text of the story is that the author took a lot of space to insert quotes from notes that were part of the lawsuit that really had no place in the story. They could have used one or two but I felt that there were too many here.

In a related story, the Star Tribune also reported that our bride lost her $325,000 wedding ring. She reported it stolen from her home in the Kenwood Neighborhood.

I was not able to find this story anywhere else.

February 20, 2007

Phillip Morris and Minnesota

The Supreme Court has refused to consider a lawsuit by Philip Morris against Minnesota. Phillip Morris is claiming that Minnesota's 75 cent per pack health impact fee in in violation of a contract with the tobacco company.

The Star Tribune
reported the story from the AP.

I think that is is interesting how short this story was. The Strib could have done a lot more with it. The AP reported a story that constituted only four paragraphs. Seeing as the case is about a Minnesota law, the Strib could have and should have built a much beefer article. They could have talked to state Reps. and legislators. It would have made the story much better.