April 10, 2007

Classic cars might bring business to Carver

by Jane Field

The small town of Carver, Minn., located about 45 minuets southwest of
Minneapolis, used to be known chiefly as a drinking spot, a hamlet of 2,500
residents who dew in folks from the surrounding cities to its several bars
along its strip of antique stores and classic boat repair shops.

While those bars and antique shops are still frequented by locals, the growth
of neighboring cities such as Chaska and Chanhassen have made Carver less of
a destination for people.

Now one Carver businesswoman wants to revitalize the town with the help of
classic cars.

Linda Schutz, owner of the Hazelnut House, a quilt and design studio on North
in Carver, has asked the city council to create a Carver Car Cruse as a way
to bring people back to downtown.

Schutz, who addressed the Carver City Council, has been on a few car trips
that consist of classic car owners traveling from town to town to show off
their cars. She suggested that the town designated parking on Broadway for
classic cars only on the second Wednesday of June, July, and August.

“Carver has to be an event town right now because there are not enough
businesses to keep traffic and people coming,� Schutz told the council.

While the police department could post signs, council member Mike Webb
suggested the Schutz speak with the bar owners about the plan.

Carver’s heritage is celebrated every year with the “Steamboat Celebration�
during Labor Day weekend along with other community events. The car cruse
would bring more focus to the town and their history.

March 8, 2007

Library Merger

The Star Tribune reported that the Minneapolis Library Board will merge with the Hennepin County library system.

The vote, which according to the article was both "historic" and "bittersweet." The vote will try to keep Minneapolis's city libraries open. One intresting fact that I found in the article is that library system in Minneapolis is 122-years-old.

Minneapolis closed three libraries last year. The hope here is that those three will be reopened with the help of Hennepin County.

Minnesota Public Radio (MPR)
is a great resource for previous information relating to the library topic. They have not reported any stories about the resent decision.