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Interview with A Wilhelm Scream's Trevor Reilly

This interview comes from a site called

The feature is a sit down interview with guitarist and lead song writer Trevor Reilly of the New Bedford, Mass. band A Wilhelm Scream.

I think the story covers tons of information, all which are very interesting and exciting for fans to learn.

I have to say the organization of the story is a little off.  The story goes from recent touring news, to the history of the band, to their new record label, and to fantasy tours.  It goes back and forth from new developments with their new record and random odds and ends.  There does not seem to be a strong order to the story.

I really like that they have long quotes from Reilly.  It gives the reader great insight into how he talks and allows the reader to really understand his views and opinions.

The author, despite being in no sensible order, covers both new developments with the band and random questions that fans would like to know.  The author is able to get Reilly to talk about the new record label and new EP; topics that are very pertinent because they are new topics.  The author also is able to get some "behind the scenes" info that fans would like so that they can get to know the band and Reilly a bit more.

Player Profile: Stanford RB Toby Gerhart

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This feature is a story on the rapid rise to stardom of Stanford University's Toby Gerhart

The story is a profile about Gerhart off of the field.  It focuses on his upbringing and how he came to Stanford and how he has turned their program around.

I really like the intro paragraph.  It puts you ion the shoes of Gerhart the student, not the football player.  It immediately reminds the reader of being stuck in class while something more exciting is taking place outside of the classroom.

The author also does a nice job of highlighting Gerhart's humility.  It is almost cliche to do this in sports reporting, but the author really does point out that despite his impressive individual achievements, Gerhart is more focused on the team and not worried about receiving some of the individual accolades that his peers are receiving.

I think the academic side of Gerhart would be interesting to learn about.  It is mentioned in the first paragraph, but not mentioned after that.  I think it would be interesting to learn about how a star athlete balances his team duties with the rigorous course-load that a school like Stanford would require.

Overall it is a nice piece that sheds new light on a player that really is a wild card in the current sports world.

NATO to Contribute 5,000 Troops in Military Buildup in Afghanistan

            NATO members, excluding the United States, have decided to contribute 5,000 additional troops in an effort to assist a military buildup in Afghanistan. 

            The pledge of additional NATO troops comes on the heels of US President Barack Obama calling for 30,000 additional troops to be sent to Afghanistan.

            NATO already has 47,000 military personnel in the area, but has decided to provide more assistance to the United States in ridding the area of al-Qaeda and Taliban forces.  The new NATO forces will join about 100,000 US troops once the buildup takes effect.

            NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen noted that the buildup was due, in part, to the popularity of Barack Obama's speech calling for a more allied and united front to fight terrorism.  Additionally, Australia's Kevin Rudd noted that the allied stance taken by Obama has led to a "credible strategy."

            The new allied approach to the war in Afghanistan will hope rid the area of terrorist insurgence and return power to the Afghan people by 2011, ending what has thus far been an 8 year long war.

Gophers' White Pleads Guilty in Mall Theft Case

Gophers' White Pleads Guilty in Mall Theft Case

            Gophers freshman forward Royce White plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of theft and disorderly conduct this morning for his part in an October theft at the Mall of America.

            White plead guilty to the misdemeanor charges after Judge John McShane agreed to stay the sentence, meaning White will serve no time and have his record cleared if he does not face any similar charges within the next calendar year.

            White was originally charged for stealing a shirt and pair of pants from Macy's in Mall of America and then getting into a physical altercation with mall security on October 13th.

            White was ordered to pay $300 for each of his two charges.  In addition, White was ordered by McShane to stay away from the Mall of America for one year.

            White, Minnesota's Mr. Basketball at Hopkins High school, was the premier recruit in coach Tubby Smith's 2009 recruiting class.  Smith has withheld White from all six games this season and has stated he will not return until his legal matters are resolved.

Police Raid Comes Up Empty in Search for Police Attacker

Police Raid Comes Up Empty in Search for Police Attacker

            On Sunday Police raided the home of a man suspected in the slaying of 4 police officers in Washington State, but were unable to find the suspect.

            Police officers brandishing heavy weapons surrounded the home of Maurice Clemmons' wife on Sunday at her Tacoma home.  Later that night the officers issued a warrant to search the property in hopes of finding Mr. Clemmons in connection with the slaying of 4 Lakewood police officers Sunday morning.

            In the search, investigators found the GPS tracking bracelet of Clemmons.  Clemmons, who has an extensive criminal record in Arkansas and Washington, was released from custody just a week ago in connection with the rape of a child.

            While the search of his wife's home came up empty, investigators have an idea of where the suspect might be heading.

            The investigators have reason to believe that Clemmons was shot by one of his victims.  Pierce County Police Department spokesman Ed Troyer noted that if Clemmons was shot he likely will be traveling a long distance to receive medical attention.



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