Interview with A Wilhelm Scream's Trevor Reilly

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The feature is a sit down interview with guitarist and lead song writer Trevor Reilly of the New Bedford, Mass. band A Wilhelm Scream.

I think the story covers tons of information, all which are very interesting and exciting for fans to learn.

I have to say the organization of the story is a little off.  The story goes from recent touring news, to the history of the band, to their new record label, and to fantasy tours.  It goes back and forth from new developments with their new record and random odds and ends.  There does not seem to be a strong order to the story.

I really like that they have long quotes from Reilly.  It gives the reader great insight into how he talks and allows the reader to really understand his views and opinions.

The author, despite being in no sensible order, covers both new developments with the band and random questions that fans would like to know.  The author is able to get Reilly to talk about the new record label and new EP; topics that are very pertinent because they are new topics.  The author also is able to get some "behind the scenes" info that fans would like so that they can get to know the band and Reilly a bit more.

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