Player Profile: Stanford RB Toby Gerhart

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This feature is a story on the rapid rise to stardom of Stanford University's Toby Gerhart

The story is a profile about Gerhart off of the field.  It focuses on his upbringing and how he came to Stanford and how he has turned their program around.

I really like the intro paragraph.  It puts you ion the shoes of Gerhart the student, not the football player.  It immediately reminds the reader of being stuck in class while something more exciting is taking place outside of the classroom.

The author also does a nice job of highlighting Gerhart's humility.  It is almost cliche to do this in sports reporting, but the author really does point out that despite his impressive individual achievements, Gerhart is more focused on the team and not worried about receiving some of the individual accolades that his peers are receiving.

I think the academic side of Gerhart would be interesting to learn about.  It is mentioned in the first paragraph, but not mentioned after that.  I think it would be interesting to learn about how a star athlete balances his team duties with the rigorous course-load that a school like Stanford would require.

Overall it is a nice piece that sheds new light on a player that really is a wild card in the current sports world.

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Charles, this is one great story. The player profile on Gerhart is short and concise, but manages to talk about so many aspects of his life, on and off the field. It really weaves together everything nicely. It's a great feature profile because Gerhart is somewhat underrated and underappreciated, especially in terms of the Heisman race.

I agree with you that the writer does a great job of showing Gerhart's good nature, humility, and hometown qualities. However, I don't think the article is completely about his off the field qualities. Right now college football is at its peak, especially with the Bowls and the Heisman selection process. I think one of the biggest themes in the story is Gerhart's great skills on the field, and his bid for the Heisman.

But, I also did like how the story started and would enjoy another feature that examines his academic skills. After all, it does mention that he wants to pursue a career in business someday.

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