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Police Raid Comes Up Empty in Search for Police Attacker

Police Raid Comes Up Empty in Search for Police Attacker

            On Sunday Police raided the home of a man suspected in the slaying of 4 police officers in Washington State, but were unable to find the suspect.

            Police officers brandishing heavy weapons surrounded the home of Maurice Clemmons' wife on Sunday at her Tacoma home.  Later that night the officers issued a warrant to search the property in hopes of finding Mr. Clemmons in connection with the slaying of 4 Lakewood police officers Sunday morning.

            In the search, investigators found the GPS tracking bracelet of Clemmons.  Clemmons, who has an extensive criminal record in Arkansas and Washington, was released from custody just a week ago in connection with the rape of a child.

            While the search of his wife's home came up empty, investigators have an idea of where the suspect might be heading.

            The investigators have reason to believe that Clemmons was shot by one of his victims.  Pierce County Police Department spokesman Ed Troyer noted that if Clemmons was shot he likely will be traveling a long distance to receive medical attention.



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