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Dark Matter

For those who know a little about science, you may have heard of something called dark matter. Dark matter is matter that exists in the universe that is not seen by humans and therefore is not taken into consideration. The enviroment that surrounds us has become the dark matter that surrounds society. Most people think they recognize the natural world. Nature to most people is the wilderness or a lake. When driving somewhere and seeing a family of deer, a person sees that as nature. Nature has become a vision in people's minds. The truth is, the enviroment is a major factor in all of our lives. The cars we drive, the paper we write on, even the medicine we have, it is all from nature. We take these everyday things for granted and forget where they came from.

Just like dark matter, it exists. However, they are both unseen by people except nature can be noticed. Society, as a whole, worries that we dont do enough for the enviroment. For example, fuel emissions are a major topic today. Scientists have proven that gas that vehicles give off contribute to the destoying of the ozone. People worry that something needs to be done as they fill up their car. By looking at all the little thing we come into contact everyday, a person can not only realize the importance of the little things that come from nature but they can also pave the path towards a better world to live.

The following link is for anyone who is interested in leaning a little about dark matter:

This next page has information about the ozone:


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