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Dillard's appreciation of detail

I just wanted to apologize for not having this blog entry up Wednesday because I wasn’t able to pay for the material until today. I didn’t want to put together a blog if I wasn’t able to read the material before then.
One thing I noticed right away when reading the section of Annie Dillard was her ability to describe everything around her. After reading this, I can honestly say that this reading was the most detailed out of any others that I have read. I could see what she was describing with ease because of all the details. An example of her writing was the section where she said “In summer’s low water, flags and bulrushes grow along a series of shallow pools cooled by the lazy current. Water striders patrol the surface film, crayfish hump along the slit bottom eating fish, frogs shout and glare…? The way that she describes the environment she lives is very well done. I make the assumption that she really appreciates where she lives. She puts a lot of detail into the little things that she notices. Whether it is the sound of frogs, the movement of the creek, or everything else, she makes sure to describe them with great detail. Overall, I get the impression that she appreciates the little things in life. The things that most people do not take time to look at, she sees great beauty and magnificence in them. These little things can be a great thing to have in a person’s life. It could help to get away from the chaos of everyday life and just maybe may bring a little joy.

the follwing link is to a biography of dillard