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Genetic Engineering

My apoligies up front for being one behind. This blog along with the one tomorrow go along with my reseachh paper slightly so i have been analyzing these topics much more. Throughout the brainstorming process i thought of various examples for either science or religion with enviromentalism. I ended up remembering one of the things brought up in class about genetic engineering along with a research paper i did in high school.

The topic of genetic engineering, people would think, would be apart of science. However, religion plays a role in a sort of balance to prevent chaos. Im sure you have seen the movie Gattaca. If not, i highly recommend it because it is an amazing movie. Gattaca shows what they world would look like if people were genetically engineered. It doesn't sound that bad....does it? Sure you could be born with a high intellegance but so could everyone else.

For those who do not know what genetic engineering is, it can best be explained with insulin. Yes, it is the medicine for diabetes. In order to create it scientists use genetic engineering. They take a strand of DNA that gives the code to make insulin and implants it into bacterian DNA. When the bacteria multiplies, so does the DNA strand. From here the bacteria can produce insulin to be collected. For other code, it may be removed and placed into the thing desiring that trait.

It sounds like a good thing from everything i have said so far but the things that can be done with genetic engineering can be pointless. For example, an article at http://www.wired.com/news/medtech/0,1286,54399,00.html tells of a rabbit that was genetically engineered with jellyfish DNA to make it glow. Don't get me wrong, of course a glowing rabbit would be a great pet to have but it is going way to far. That is where religion comes into play. With religion involved in genetic engineering, then scientists can only be regualted to doing things that could help mankind ( although i do wish there were glowing rabbits). Anyways, religion can help to play a role to regualte and control genetic engineering so our world does not end up like Gattaca.


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