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Is it really food?

One idea that mainly comes to mind that ties in with genetic engineering is what happens to food. Although stem cell research and cloning make it into the headlines, our food supply should have us worried. As i talked about in the previous blog, genetic engineering can be good or bad. The thing is, there is very little known about the effect of genetic engineering over a long period of time. At this website, it is shown that a good portion of crops are being genetically engineered. Various pesticides or genes to make the crop last are being added.

Since there is very little knowledge about long term effects, it currently doesnt make those safe. Here is another example. The article linked here talks about the fast food chain Taco Bell. I was actually quite disturbed when i read this because i love eating there. Kraft foods, the company that makes the taco shells for Taco Bell, had to recall the taco shells because "after
tests confirmed they were made with genetically engineered corn that isn't approved for human consumption." To make it even more upsetting here is a list of products out on the market that are genetically altered. There are organic food areas in nearly all stores so avioding that is possible

I know these things may be slightly distubing but scientists have the right idea. There are some good ideas that can arise from this. For example, vitamins can be added to food to improve healthiness. Once more testing is done to make sure foods are safe, then genetically altered food can be called food. Otherwise there is the possibility of causing new allegeries, infections, etc. I recommend highly browsing the internet about genetically altered foods. Since i first read about genetically modified foods two years ago, i have payed more attention to what i am buying at the stores are far as preservatives or anything to "improve" the food.


On the topic of genetically modified foods, i don't see what the big deal is. I grew up on a farm and i've always been aware of genetically altered crops and different chemicals that may be harmful. Most farmers are also aware of the dangers and have to take training every year on account of the dangers. It's just the few times when something bad happens that makes it all look bad. I'm sure if the Aztecs had the technology for genetic engeneering the definately would have used it.

I understand what you mean and i agree with what you said for the most part. I am raising this issue because there is very little known for the long term risks. Farmers can have training to be aware of the dangers altering crops but no one really knows if altering the DNA within certain foods could lead to new allergies, infections, etc.