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Global Warming

In today's society, global warming has become a hot topic of debate. Although there are some people that think there is no global warming, scientists generally feel that global warming exists. Not only does it exist, but it is found to be a problem in the future that needs to be dealt with today. Having a strong knowledge of science, I see that global warming is a future problem that needs to be dealt with today.

Although it is very unlikely that the damage done to the ozone can be reversed, the movement towards lowering emissions and pollution would help to slow the process of global warming. Also alternate fuels can be used to lower emissions. It is these types of things that could lead to the slowing down of global warming. Also, with more awareness about global warming, society can understnad what is happening to the planet and what can be done to prevent problems in the future.

There is one interesting thing i would like to add to the end of this blog. During one of my science classes in high school, there was a video we watched that stated the universe was expanding. The expansion of the universe causes a decrease in the temperature. I find this curious because although the planet is getting warmer, it has been said that Earth will become colder and colder over the years. This of course wont happen until millions of years from now due to the small effect of the expansion.


I agree with your statement that global warming is a real issue, despite what some scientists say. I also agree that it is human activity that speeds up the process of global warming. We have increased the carbon dioxide emission since today's society is mostly industrial. The effects of carbon dioxide on the atmosphere may not be reversible but we should be doing all we can to reduce our impact. People should be aware of the trouble the earth faces. We may be able to adapt to the small increase in temperature that has already occured, but do we really want to see how warm the earth can get until humans can't adapt?

I think that we need to be more observant overall. Something's obviously going on with the climate and the idea of global warming has got a lot of people backing it. We need to figure out ways to reduce whatever it is we're doing that's negatively affecting the climate.

That guy from Virgin Mobile, I think his name is Richard Branson, is doing something pretty cool. He's got a multi-million dollar reward out there to get people to start thinking about ways to battle greenhouse emissions. If that won't get people to act, i don't know what will.

Your last paragraph is an interesting one. The universe is expanding and being that total energy in the universe is constant, the energy density must be decreasing. Energy can be observed as temperature. If you look at the entire system of the universe you can get energy density by dividing total energy by total the volume of the universe. I think this is an oversimplification. The volume of “empty� space is what is increasing, while our gravitationally bound galaxy stays at a constant volume. Also, systems such as our galaxy, solar system, or planet contain relatively huge amounts of energy compared to intergalactic space. Therefore, intergalactic space (with its low energy) is skewing our total volume measurement for the universe. The volume of a gravitationally bound system remains constant. Bringing this back to global warming, any effect on our planet due to the decreasing temperature of intergalactic space is tiny when compared to the temperature (and potential change thereof) of our Earth–sun system. Also, according to cosmology, the universe has always been expanding so this cooling effect has always been occurring. It’s not like it will suddenly become noticeable a few million years in the future. Actually, universal cooling was a lot more noticeable to the particles of matter that would become our planet some 13 billion years ago before energy and matter became so pooled into today’s galaxies. The point is that universal cooling is becoming less and less noticeable to an observer on planet Earth. The more compelling comparison is how any sort of warming on our planet fits with observed climate cycles from Earth’s pre-industrial history. Alex has a good link about this on his blog.

Garret, i agree with the facts that you say that global warming is occuring. but i dont know if i would call you a credible source about the expansion of the universe causing a decrease in temperature, because like dan mentioned, our galaxy has a ton of volume and interstellar space doesnt have that much. Other than that, i like your opinion, but i still think that it is being blown way out of proportion, and that it isnt as big of a problem as everybody says it is.

The comment about the universe expanding was from a video watched in high school. The following link will bring you to a site that talks about this.


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