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Grizzly Man

My apologies for not having this up any sooner. I ran into many porlems trying to save and finally i am able to et this online.

Before watching this movie i thought of it as a boring documentary about some guy who did something. As i watched it i realized that this guy was like anybody else. He was trying to find purpose for his life in a meaningful way. He saw a part of the world in danger and took it upon himself to not only protect the bears and foxes but to live among them. Although it is a little strange, i respect him for that. His passion for the animals was so strong for him to live with them for as long as he did.

There were a couple things that really stood out when watching the movie. The biggest thing was his personality. Whenever they began to show a clip from his life, there was no way of telling how he was going to act. He went from " I love you" to the animals to cursing out the people who apposed him to yelling for rain. His emotions were at time unpredictable. The other thing i noticed were some of the interviews. Some of the people thought he was dumb for trying to protect the animals. They acted as though he was only making things worse which was upsetting to hear. Although people disagreed with him i found to be a great person to make sacrifices that he did to help the animals.


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