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April 23, 2007

The treatment of Women and the Land

I wanted to start off by apologizing for not having the last few blogs up on my page until now. My parents got divorced about a little over a month ago and i have been trying to maintain my studies and deal with that at the same time. I also wanted to truly thank Lisa for her patience and support through all of this.

There are some people in the world that Tempest would decribe as the type to not really care about nature and in turn not care about women. They treat them both as if they were objects. She makes a good argument that relates men to the cause of problems with nature and they treat women the same. I can see this in many people that i know but it is a tough generalization to make about society as a whole. There are males who think they should dominate over both nature and women and there are also those who are act the exact opposite. From the current situation of society dealing with environmental issus, this concept is apparrent. We treat nature as on object to serve us and take advantage of its resources. These type of people are causing a major problem in trying to preserve the environment. Tempest really shows that through a women's eyes, the treatment of the environment can be drastically improved. Women straighten out the mistakes that men make from time to time because they act in a more concerned way towards things. Women should be recognized more in the environmental movement.

The most beautiful place in the world

After a long day, the most comforting place to be is in my room. I find it to the most beautiful place in the world to me because of many reasons. It allows me to escape the chaos of life when i need it most. If i go to class and then to work it ends up being a very long day and to be able to come back to place that gives me security really helps me to relax and escape. It is a place for me to be alone and reflect on my life.

With my parents recently getting divorced, it really gave me an opportunity to reflect on things that have happend in my life. It allowed me to establish who i truly am and and what i stand for as a person. This process has taken me weeks to deal with because of the hardships of dealing with this and maintaining my studies. Each and every night that i have been here on campus i reflect on the day and things in the past. Having this place to call my own and to be able to just relax when i need it has helped me to find who i was and who i have become as a person.

Nature and the connection with happiness

I can relate my life to what Olson was talking about. I have lived in small towns most of my life. I was always involved with nature whether it be camping and the local state park or just going to a park. Moving to minneapolis has been a very different experience for me. I lived up here until i was 5 years old but it didnt create a distant connection to start out. I have always been the type of person who loves the outdoors and being in nature and it has made me a little nervous being in a big city like this. I have felt a sort of disconnection from nature. I am not just saying it i have felt like that part of me is missing since the start of the school year. The days that we have had break and i have gone home, i go back to some of the places that i know and feel that connection again. This summer will be a great experience for me. It will allow me to be able to regain the connection because i will be working as a day camp counselor and will be able to be around the nature that surrounds my town.

environmental impact as a result of my actions

When this prompt was given, i really began to think about what things i was doing to harm the environment and what i would do to alter by behavior. Since i do not have a car on campus i have been able to cut down on using gas and damaging the ozone. Before coming up here i used my car nearly every day. Personally this is one thing i can cut down on once summer starts and i have a car. Another thing that has changed for me is the food that i eat. I dont mean healtier eating but more natural foods instead of processed ones.

Its hard to sit here and type out a blog entry because it feels like these changes have bee happening with being in college. My resource use has decreased and not having a car reduces emissions. The way that i am living now has been much more easier for me and it feels like something i could keep going with.

principles by which nature works

When reading the articles by Carson, Moore, and Boyle, i thought about the things i learned in high school history. For the united states, we have been using our land to fit our needs since first settling here. There have been several events in the past that really show that we “accommodate ourselves to this planet.� One major example is the Dust Bowl. Farmers across the nation were not taking care of the land and as a result of the poor treatment of the land, farmers were forced to move off there land because the soil was is such bad shape.

Society has paid very little attention in keeping the planet from becoming worse. As the need for resources increases, the quality of treatment given to the environment decreases. With population increasing the need to tear down land for homes increases. The same thing applies with oil. We are in great need of it yet it destroys the ozone layer and contributes to global warming.It just seems that with the comfortablility that people have in their lives, it would be hard for them to change a little, or even at all.