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principles by which nature works

When reading the articles by Carson, Moore, and Boyle, i thought about the things i learned in high school history. For the united states, we have been using our land to fit our needs since first settling here. There have been several events in the past that really show that we “accommodate ourselves to this planet.� One major example is the Dust Bowl. Farmers across the nation were not taking care of the land and as a result of the poor treatment of the land, farmers were forced to move off there land because the soil was is such bad shape.

Society has paid very little attention in keeping the planet from becoming worse. As the need for resources increases, the quality of treatment given to the environment decreases. With population increasing the need to tear down land for homes increases. The same thing applies with oil. We are in great need of it yet it destroys the ozone layer and contributes to global warming.It just seems that with the comfortablility that people have in their lives, it would be hard for them to change a little, or even at all.