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The most beautiful place in the world

After a long day, the most comforting place to be is in my room. I find it to the most beautiful place in the world to me because of many reasons. It allows me to escape the chaos of life when i need it most. If i go to class and then to work it ends up being a very long day and to be able to come back to place that gives me security really helps me to relax and escape. It is a place for me to be alone and reflect on my life.

With my parents recently getting divorced, it really gave me an opportunity to reflect on things that have happend in my life. It allowed me to establish who i truly am and and what i stand for as a person. This process has taken me weeks to deal with because of the hardships of dealing with this and maintaining my studies. Each and every night that i have been here on campus i reflect on the day and things in the past. Having this place to call my own and to be able to just relax when i need it has helped me to find who i was and who i have become as a person.