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The treatment of Women and the Land

I wanted to start off by apologizing for not having the last few blogs up on my page until now. My parents got divorced about a little over a month ago and i have been trying to maintain my studies and deal with that at the same time. I also wanted to truly thank Lisa for her patience and support through all of this.

There are some people in the world that Tempest would decribe as the type to not really care about nature and in turn not care about women. They treat them both as if they were objects. She makes a good argument that relates men to the cause of problems with nature and they treat women the same. I can see this in many people that i know but it is a tough generalization to make about society as a whole. There are males who think they should dominate over both nature and women and there are also those who are act the exact opposite. From the current situation of society dealing with environmental issus, this concept is apparrent. We treat nature as on object to serve us and take advantage of its resources. These type of people are causing a major problem in trying to preserve the environment. Tempest really shows that through a women's eyes, the treatment of the environment can be drastically improved. Women straighten out the mistakes that men make from time to time because they act in a more concerned way towards things. Women should be recognized more in the environmental movement.