Shooting at Wisconsin Sikh Temple

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At least seven people died in a shooting Sunday morning at a Wisconsin temple, according to the New York Times. The shooting took place south of Milwaukee, at Sikh Temple in Oak Creek Wisconsin, authorities said.

Authorities said seven bodies were found, including that of the suspect. The police officer who arrived on the scene was shot multiple times, and the officer then shot and killed the suspect. The wounded officer has been taken to the hospital and remains in critical condition, but is expected to survive.

At least three other men with gunshot wounds were taken to Froedtert Hospital. Satwant Kaleka, the temple's president, was among the people who were shot.

According to USA Today, there may have been up to two other shooters involved in the incident.

Metro Gang Strike Force Payouts

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According to Minnesota Public Radio, , a court-appointed overseer said there have been over 200 claims filed against the Metro Gang Strike Force, and close to $840,000 should be paid in the case. Over 200 claims have been filed against the Force, but authorities have not filed any criminal charges.

According to the Star Tribune, over 600 pages of documents were released in the law suit last week, and there are 96 victims in the case.

Attorneys said the recent payouts validate the complaints of the victims, and show the out of control nature of the Force.

Among the payouts, $6,000 was given for a toddler under the age of 2 who was kicked in the head by a Force officer during a drug raid that did not produce expected results. In other raids various personal possessions of great value, including a LIncoln Navigator SUV have been seized by the Force.

On Sunday a NASA spacecraft called Curiosity will be ready to land on Mars, after traveling over 350 million miles, according to the Washington Post.

NASA officials say it is going to be a very risky landing however, and the spacecraft will have a relatively small safe area to land in.

The mission has cost $2.5 million, and the features of Curiosity are much more advanced than previous technologies, but are also more complicated creating more room for error.

According to the New York Times, failure of this mission would mean starting over for NASA.

According to the New York Times, a vote by the Afghan Parliament Sunday authorized the dismissal of two powerful security ministers from the team of President Hamid Karzai.

Lawmakers said the decision was aimed at ending corruption within the government, and that the ministers did not do enough to protect the nation from recent rocket attacks from Pakistan.

Since U.S. officials have had a long history of interaction with the ministers, the change in authority could threaten stable U.S. relations with the Afghan ministry. The U.S. has been preparing to leave the nation, and this sudden change may put U.S. officials as well as the Obama Administration in a difficult position.

According to CNN, the two men, Defense Minister Gen. Abdul Rahim Wardak and Interior Minister Gen. Besmillah Mohammadi will remain in their current positions until replacements are named.

U.S. Bank is Defendant in Fraud Suit

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According to the Star Tribune, Peregrine Financial Group Inc. sued U.S. Bank and the company's founder Russell Wasendorf Sr. for mishandling over $200 million in consumer funds.

The National Futures Association announced there was only $5 million depostied at U.S. Bank, and subsequently froze Peregrine's account. Wasendorf attempted to comitt suicide July 9, and admitted in a confession to altering bank statements to conceal the fraud.

Peregrine has filed four complaints since its collapse, but this is the first to list U.S. Bank as a defendant. Wasendorf is in custody, and has been charged with lying to federal regulators.

Wasendorf's son Russell Wasendorf Jr. and other company executives have also been listed as defenants in the complaints.

According to C-Span, Gary Gensler said the financial system did not adequately protect consumers of the Financial Group.

Calhoun Square Gets Stylish New Tennant

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The trendy retailer H&M will occupy retail space this fall in the Minneapolis shopping center Calhoun Square, according to the Star Tribune. H&M will take up 10 percent of the center's retail space.

Calhoun Square is located in "Uptown's downtown", and the new addition will inject a dash of optimism in the stagnant retail economy. The shopping center has suffered economically during the recession, and major stores in the area have relocated in recent years.

Despite the advantages it can bring to the local economy, some retailers in the area have said they wish the space would be used by an independent company.

According to Kare 11, the new Uptown edition will be H&M's fifth location in Minnesota.

Ozone Layer Threatened by Storms

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Researchers said Thursday there is reason to believe there is a link between climate change and damage to the ozone layer in populated areas, according to the New York Times.

Storms that send water vapor into the upper stratosphere could interact with chemicals from CFC gasses, which are now banned, and have ozone destroying effects. The stratosphere is usually dry, but with increased storms, these reactions are depleting the ozone layer.

Previously, scientists have studied ozone loss and climate change as separate concepts, but recent findings show they are very connected. Scientists said if global warming continues to lead to an increased number of storms, these risks will continue to intensify.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, damage to the ozone layer can lead to dangerous exposure to ultraviolet radiation on Earth's surface.

Ondre Johnson, a New York Police Detective was suspended after a kidnap victim was found constrained in his Queens garage, according to the New York Times. The victim was being held for ransom, and was found by tracing a ransom demand made from a phone at Johnson's residence.

The detective told authorities he has no knowledge of the abduction, and was not personally using the garage the victim was found in.
Johnson said his cousin lives in the other apartment of his two-story house.

A safe was also found in the second apartment containing plastic cards and printing presses that could be used to make fake credit cards. Johnson has worked for the New York Police Department for 17 years in a Brooklyn gang investigation unit. Authorities decided not to arrest Johnson, because they lacked sufficient evidence tying him to the incident.

According to Russia Today, three other men including Johnson's cousin were arrested and charged with attempt to collect ransom, possession of a weapon, and kidnapping.

Julian Assange's mother will meet with authorities in Ecuador Monday to ask for her son's political asylum plea to be granted, according to CNN.

After losing an appeal to the United Kingdom Supreme Court on counts of sexual assault in Sweden, the Wikileaks founder fled to the Ecuador embassy to file for asylum under the UN Human Rights Declaration, according to WebProNews.

Assange thinks his extradition to Sweeden has political motivation, and is looking for protection from such attacks. Assange remains under protection of the embassy while the request is being processed. According to an embassy statement, Equador officials do not wish to interfere with the judicial process of Sweden or the United Kingdom.

Christine Assange has traveled to Quito and said she trusts the Ecuador authorities will make the right decision. She intends to highlight the human rights issues in her son's case.

Christine Assange also said if her son is sent to Sweden, he could be handed over to U.S. authorities, where he could face the death penalty or years of torture in a U.S. prison.

Hyundai Recalls Vehicles

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According to CNN, Hyundai is going to recall over 200 thousand SUVs and Sonata sedans due to potential problems with the air bags.

The SUVs were manufactured in Santa Fe between 2007 and 2009. There may be a problem accurately gauging the size of the passenger in order to determine whether the front airbags should be deployed. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the classification system may be changed to include smaller sized adults.

Sedans made from 2012 to 2013 are being recalled due to an error that causes the curtain airbags to inflate when not necessary.

According to USA Today, Hyundai received complaints stating that the airbags of adults under 130 pounds did not deploy. No injuries have been reported, and the censors will be re-programmed free of charge.