Faith summit shows not all religious groups are in favor of banning gay marriage

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A large faith summit held June 7, 2012 brought together numerous religious congregations not in favor of banning same-sex marriage in the Minnesota constitution, Minnesota Public Radio reported.

An amendment on the November ballot that would amend the Minnesota constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman, and would prevent future legislation from overturning the law has generated a lot of controversy throughout the state.

Over 200 clergy members were expected to come to a faith summit in Minneapolis organized by the religious group Minnesotans United for All Families. Minnesotans United for All Families is against the amendment, and has the support of almost 90 faith members.

Even large corporations have gotten into the marriage debate, and General Mills released a statement claiming it is against the ban on same-sex marriage, CBS Minnesota reported.

This statement generated a lot of criticism from conservative groups, including Minnesota for Marriage, a religious group in support of the amendment. However, General Mills also received a positive attention and approval of its statement, and over 800 people have signed a petition intended to thank the corporation for its support.

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