Kidnap Victim Found and New York Detective Suspended

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Ondre Johnson, a New York Police Detective was suspended after a kidnap victim was found constrained in his Queens garage, according to the New York Times. The victim was being held for ransom, and was found by tracing a ransom demand made from a phone at Johnson's residence.

The detective told authorities he has no knowledge of the abduction, and was not personally using the garage the victim was found in.
Johnson said his cousin lives in the other apartment of his two-story house.

A safe was also found in the second apartment containing plastic cards and printing presses that could be used to make fake credit cards. Johnson has worked for the New York Police Department for 17 years in a Brooklyn gang investigation unit. Authorities decided not to arrest Johnson, because they lacked sufficient evidence tying him to the incident.

According to Russia Today, three other men including Johnson's cousin were arrested and charged with attempt to collect ransom, possession of a weapon, and kidnapping.

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