Mother of Julian Assange Becomes Involved in Asylum Plea

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Julian Assange's mother will meet with authorities in Ecuador Monday to ask for her son's political asylum plea to be granted, according to CNN.

After losing an appeal to the United Kingdom Supreme Court on counts of sexual assault in Sweden, the Wikileaks founder fled to the Ecuador embassy to file for asylum under the UN Human Rights Declaration, according to WebProNews.

Assange thinks his extradition to Sweeden has political motivation, and is looking for protection from such attacks. Assange remains under protection of the embassy while the request is being processed. According to an embassy statement, Equador officials do not wish to interfere with the judicial process of Sweden or the United Kingdom.

Christine Assange has traveled to Quito and said she trusts the Ecuador authorities will make the right decision. She intends to highlight the human rights issues in her son's case.

Christine Assange also said if her son is sent to Sweden, he could be handed over to U.S. authorities, where he could face the death penalty or years of torture in a U.S. prison.

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