Metro Gang Strike Force Payouts

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According to Minnesota Public Radio, , a court-appointed overseer said there have been over 200 claims filed against the Metro Gang Strike Force, and close to $840,000 should be paid in the case. Over 200 claims have been filed against the Force, but authorities have not filed any criminal charges.

According to the Star Tribune, over 600 pages of documents were released in the law suit last week, and there are 96 victims in the case.

Attorneys said the recent payouts validate the complaints of the victims, and show the out of control nature of the Force.

Among the payouts, $6,000 was given for a toddler under the age of 2 who was kicked in the head by a Force officer during a drug raid that did not produce expected results. In other raids various personal possessions of great value, including a LIncoln Navigator SUV have been seized by the Force.

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