April 2, 2008

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November 29, 2007

Feedburner (23)

I thought I'd take a look at Feedburner since I'll most likely be setting up some RSS feeds for the library and it won the Feed Management Web2.0 award. Feedburner looks like google analytics for RSS feeds. It tracks usage of feeds as well as cleans up feeds you send it. Now that I'm starting to blog, I may someday use it as a source of revenue since you can insert ads within the feeds, even though I doubt I'll ever have a blog that people will continue to read.

Google Docs (22)

I actually really like Google Docs. I used it often when I first got my new computer, prior to buying Office 2007. Now that I'm trying to switch to a Linux desktop, I find myself using it more and more. Eventually I plan to setup a website for our fishing cabin with Google to share a calendar, documents, email, etc.

Wiki2 (20)

I'm not a huge fan of the UMN Twiki software, but it does have some advantages. For one, we probably take disaster recovery seriously whereas zoho might say 'tough luck.' A lot of options exist when it comes to wikis. Some are much more user friendly than others.

Wiki (19)

I think LEO's site is a decent use of a wiki, but not true to the reasons for a wiki. A wiki meets the needs of that group for keeping that site up to date. We use Contribute which meets our needs (some may argue otherwise). Personally I think wikis are great team communication. It allows for quick updates in one place, instead of having Excel sheets and Word docs all over. I can see this as a great tool, at least for our team to consolidate our information into one place.

November 28, 2007

Library 2.0 (18)

My perspective.

I think we as a library are making smart choices when it comes to Library 2.0. I think the addition of IM a while back as well as the plugoo widget have increased the availability of our reference librarians. But, I tend to think the majority of Library 2.0 is a pipe dream. I certainly think the technology is there to have virtual libraries and online communities and all sorts of 'great' things, but I don't think many will pan out. For one, I think Second Life is highly overrated. Why would I take the time to log into a virtual world to do research? I also think libraries should be careful when trying to infiltrate Facebook and Myspace. These are sites students use for recreation. Should we start advertising our library at the bar or before movies at Duluth 10?

So that seemed like a lot of negativity. I do think technology like wikis and blogs will be the bright note. I think both are great for communication and collaboration.

That's about all I've got on the subject.

Technorati (17)

I had heard of Technorati in the past, but never knew what it was. In fact, I think I'm still not quite sure. It seems like a good way to stay current, if not cutting edge, on internet activities. I thought I'd also try tagging this post as per their instructions. We'll see how well this works.

Delicious (16)

I used delicious years ago, but didn't stick with it. Now that they have better browser plugins, I may have to try using it more now. Its a great service for people who use multiple PCs and want a central place to access their bookmarks. I can see this service bleeding into sites like Digg, reddit, etc.

RollYo (15)

I found this site the most confusing when creating a search roll. I did finally figure it out and added a my search roll here. This box will keyword search a few deal sites. Try it out:

Powered by Rollyo

Link to my search roll

LibraryThing (14)

Personally, I don't read much. Even the books I've listed, I haven't finished. I don't think I'll use LibraryThing.

Image Generator (13)


Blog about anything (12)

I have to say, I think I'll be looking into more podcasts. I've really enjoyed listening to them and there are plenty out there. I also like that you can download them and load them onto an iPod to listen to them while not at a computer. I think the whole Web2.0 will only cost me more money since most of the podcasts I listen to talk about new technology that I probably don't need but will ultimately purchase.

More Flickr (11)

F L coloured card disc letter i P

Flickr (10)

Here's a photo of last March storm.


YouTube (9)

I chose to add a video of a current event. This one is getting a lot of views.