Annotated Bib. and 3rd draft due April 22

Hello, folks.

For Tuesday, April 22:

1. Bring two copies of your third draft of the Inquiry Project for a mandatory editing and proofreading workshop.

2. Your Annotated Bibliography of six sources is due. See the handout reviewed in class on April 1 for criteria and format.

Writing Conferences April 15-17

Hi, everyone.

Individual writing conferences with the second draft of your Inquiry Project will commence on Tuesday, April 15, and continue up through Thursday, April 17, as scheduled on the course syllabus.

Bring two copies of your second (revised) draft for us to read. We will meet in my office, 311 Nolte.

Please see your email for the detailed conference schedule for your class.

For Thursday, April 10

Hi, folks.

Bring TWO copies of the first draft of your Inquiry Project to class for a mandatory peer response session.

This first draft should be at least 3-5 pages, double-spaced, and should show your thesis(claim) about the ways you believe this event shaped, influenced or changed US culture, society, economy, etc. You should begin to offer evidence to support for your claim.

For Tuesday, April 8

Hello, everybody.

1. For Tuesday, April 8, go to Wilson Library on the West Bank for our class period; do not go to the classroom. Check in with me in the main floor lobby/foyer of the library for attendance and instructions. Your Proposal folder will be returned to you.

2. Bring your UCard to check out materials.

3. Talk to me if you have questions about the Inquiry Project and Annotated Bibliography assignment sheets reviewed in class.

For Thursday, April 3

Hi, folks.

The Inquiry Project and an Annotated Bibliography assignment will be officially assigned and reviewed.

Making a claim examples for the Inquiry Project will be shown and practiced in class; be prepared to write and respond.

Graded Proposals and creative Embodying Your Event writings will be returned April 8, one week from date of submission.

Proposal due Tuesday, April 1

Hi, folks.

Your Proposal is due at class time. Place all required items in a folder to turn in. See the half sheet distributed at your writing conference for the list of items.

You will complete a creative writing activity (25 points) in class; no advance preparation is necessary.

Writing Conferences March 25-27

Hi, everyone.

Writing conferences with the SECOND draft of your Proposal paper will be held March 25-27 in lieu of class, as scheduled on the syllabus.

Bring TWO paper copies of your revised draft for me and a classmate to read and discuss.

We will meet in my office, 311 Nolte (third floor).

Read your email for the detailed conference schedule for your class.

For Thursday, March 13, First draft due

Hello, everybody.

Bring TWO copies of your first draft of the Proposal for a peer workshop.

This first draft should be approximately 3 pages, typed, and doubled-spaced. Sources used in Section 1 must be cited within your text.

Students arriving without a draft to share with the group will be unable to participate in the workshop.

You will sign up for a 30-minute writing conference with me.

For Tuesday, March 11

Hi, folks.

1. We will review the Proposal for the Inquiry Project assignment (handout) and look at some examples. This Proposal will NOT require a thesis statement or claim, nor will it require a formal introduction or conclusion. It is simply setting up the plan for your Inquiry Project that you will write in April. See the three sections as explained on the assignment sheet.

2. First draft (bring 2 copies) of the Proposal is due Thursday, March 13, for a mandatory peer workshop.

3. Guest speaker(s) on the Inquiry Project will visit.

4. Some drafting/prewriting for the Proposal in class, time permitting.

For Thursday, March 6

Hi, folks.

1. Read Ronald Takaki's "A Different Mirror" and bring in a document or artifact from your past or your family's past to share with the class (see half-sheet handout from last week).

2. The Proposal for the Inquiry Project paper will be assigned and reviewed.

3. Graded Annotations and pop quizzes will be returned no later than one week from date of submission.