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For Tuesday, February 4

Hello again, everybody. For Tuesday, Feb. 4, please do the following:

1. Read Ruth Rosen's "The War to Control the Past" for discussion and mini-analysis.

2. We will view some examples of tentative thesis statements and prewriting (for Paper #1: A Critical Analysis) by former students.

3. You will create and turn in to me some in-class prewriting. Instructions will be given.

4. Re-read the assignment sheet for Major Paper #1 that was distributed and reviewed in class. Let me know of any questions or concerns you have.

For Thursday, Jan. 30

Hi, everybody.

1. Read the two assigned essays "The Story of Pacific Coast Japanese Evacuation" by Bendentsen and "From the Manzanar Free Press" as listed on the syllabus for discussion of content and rhetorical devices.

2. The 8:15 and 11:15 classes should also re-read the "America Revised" essay originally scheduled for Tuesday, the day classes were canceled.

3. The first major paper, a critical analysis, will be assigned and reviewed.

Changes for Tuesday, Jan. 28

Hi, everyone. Please note the following changes for tomorrow, Tuesday:

1. If you are in the 1:00-2:15 class, please be at our classroom at 1:00 for a full class period.

2. There will be no class for the 8:15-9:30 or 11:15-12:30 sections. We will make up the material on Thursday.

Please read the assigned essay for tomorrow as scheduled on the syllabus.

Prepare for Tuesday's class

Hey, folks! You're witnessing a rarity with the U canceling classes tomorrow, Monday!
We will still plan on meeting as scheduled on Tuesday, 1/28, unless dangerous weather prompts another closing. How does it feel to be a part of local history?!

For Tuesday, Jan. 28

Hi, folks.
Please read "America Revised" by Fitzgerald for class discussion and writing. We will begin to examine not only the content of the essay but also the way in which it is written, i.e., Fitzgerald's claims, evidence, etc.

The assigned readings, class discussions, and in-class writings are meant to help prime you and prepare you for the upcoming first major paper that I will assign next week.

Writ 1301 University Writing Syllabus for Spring 2014 (Fillipi)

For Thursday, Jan. 23

Hi, everyone.

1. Read Edward Hallet Carr's "The Historian and His Facts" in the green-covered course packet of essays. Be prepared to discuss and write.

2. Create a link to this blog by going to your MyU Page and clicking on "edit" in the My Favorites box. Then, type in http://blog.lib.umn.edu/filli002/universitywriting.

Welcome to University Writing, Spring 2014

Hello and welcome to the students enrolled in my WRIT 1301 University Writing course for Spring 2014! My name is Patricia Fillipi, your instructor.

This blog, along with email, will be my way of communicating with you outside of class and will be used in place of a Moodle site. Check it frequently.

You will need to purchase the following required items:

1. The course packet of readings at Paradigm Course Resource at 720 Washington Ave SE (near the Dairy Queen). This is NOT available at the U Bookstore.

2. The Pocket Style Manual, 6th ed., by Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers, Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2012. This is available at the U Bookstore.

Please email me with any questions at filli002@umn.edu. Looking forward to meeting you!

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