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Attention Grabbing Design

I want the way our group presents our issue to be attention grabbing and show the urgency of our problem: to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. As I looked on the web for inspiring images, I developed a collection of things that I want to incorporate. By doing this, I more importantly learned what ways of presenting an image, idea, thing, etc do not work.


I am a girl who loves color: hot pink, neon green, dandelion yellow, but the one turn-off about color is too much and too busy. A lot of websites and brochures choose color schemes that are monochromatic, warm, cool, bright, pastels that balance each other well, but others create an overwhelming feeling with mix-matched and seemingly thoughtless color palette. Here are designs and graphics I think illustrate a good harmony of color…

Picture 20.png
This color scheme has a lot of bright colors, although creates a good harmony by filling negative space with black. Bright colors have the ability to overwhelm some, but I think the black and white basis with a splash of color serves this website’s presentation well.

Picture 1.png
This colored image is a fun and warm color scheme. The negative space remains white. Any other color would distract from the image and create a sense of busyness (too much going on).

Picture 17.png
I think this website does one of the best balances with color. The top part of the website is attention grabbing with the use of color and brightness. The color also gives the website CHARACTER! The rest of the website is done in a neutral grayscale and simple text which does not overwhelm the user and encourages the curiosity of navigating the website further.

Geometric Layout:

Picture 13.png
I like the incorporation of text and image here in horizontal blocks. The text fits a certain rectangle. The apple creates the largest rectangle. The bottom three images create a series of images that match the length of the largest rectangular image. The clean lines create simplicity and an instant ease for the viewer.

Picture 25.png
This geometric layout keeps with the same simple lines as well as rotating images both horizontally and vertically.

Picture 12.png
The text on the right matches the image presented on the left column. A successful way of presenting text and image in a geometric layout.

Image with text:

Picture 8.png
I enjoy this image with incorporating a design and text. The image is not too busy to distract from the text, it is detailed but done with lighter blues, which creates simplicity. The image complements the text well and adds intrigue.

Picture 15.png
The use of small diagrams and images breaks up the cluster of text, giving the viewer a break from being bombarded with information.


Picture 5.png
Overlapping creates a sense of depth to a two-dimensional picture plane and for me is an instant attention grabber!

Picture 4.png

Navigation tools:

Picture 7.pngCMYCMYk7_15_615x779.shkl.jpg
Both these images are the table of contents from CMYK magazine. They follow a geometric pattern and mix text and image to reference a page. I like how they put page numbers in white over the images.

Picture 6.png
I like the idea of 1, 2, 3, 4, represented with the domino type squares. An interesting twist on simple counting.

Full view next to a zoomed in image:

Picture 11.png
I know this image does not present two views of the same object, but I enjoy layouts where one side of the page, the left, contains the full image of the object, and the other side, the right, contains a zoomed in detail of the object.


Picture 2.pngPicture 3.png
Both these images are intriguing to me because they provoke movement. Anything in a way of presenting that provokes movement is good, it encourages the viewer to continue to explore and absorb information. The photograph on the left directly shows movement by the blurred image of the arms. The lines and mixing of drawing and photograph create movement on the left. The image on the left reminds me of exploded diagrams of buildings, and the photographs being details of that certain part… something interesting the explore.


Picture 16.png
I think an important part of this project is to portray a feasible solution and therefore a timeline would demonstrate this consideration. I liked the use of the timeline on the apple Greenpeace website and it’s simplicity.


Picture 22.png
Yes it is google, but google is my number 1 website. Don’t know the answer? Google it. Why google it when you could yahoo it or ask jeeves it? Because it is the most simple design of a search engine. Simple = User Friendly!

Picture 21.png
The website design makes the mini cooper look sleek and sexy. The black space with a small amount of white text creates a clean look. The simple above view of the car adds intrigue, which portrays the sexiness of the car.

Picture 24.png
I think this website is an excellent portrayal of incorporating a geometric layout, text, image, movement… and it makes me want to see into the design more.