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Project 4: Final Reflection

I loved this project. It was so fun to do and translated well into a lesson plan.

There were a few things that I disliked about the process:
1.) The tempera paint really smelled extremely toxic.
2.) As I mixed it the paint got muddier and muddier.
3.) I should have taped the plastic sheeting down.

The monoprints worked very well. And the music was a great way to paint. It would be fun to experiment with different kinds of music (I used classical).

I chose to do my New Media Art extra credit on *MOUCHETTE* because it was one of the few works in the book that was still active and something that I could participate in. This website was begun in 1996 and claimed to be the work of a 12 year old girl. The website has been active for about thirteen years and continues with the same home page as pictures in the book. It is a multilayered and confusing site with many links and interactive questions and checklists. One of the most shocking things about this website is its depiction of child sexuality. It features several pages with strange and suggestive questions on them. I found this website very disturbing actually, and the more explored the more strange the experience became. 

Lesson Plan: Kandinsky Shape Painting PDF

Kandinsky Shape Painting
Classroom with a Computer Lab
Elise Filmore
December 22, 2009
University of MN Duluth

8th Grade.
3+ class periods.

Kandinsky Shape Painting.pdf

Lesson Plan: Sound and Color Painting PDF

Sound and Color Painting
Classroom without a Computer Lab
Elise Filmore
December 15, 2009
University of MN Duluth

6th Grade.
3 class periods.

Sound and Color Painting Lesson Plan.pdf

Final Project: Color and Sound Video

Final Project: Media Arts Hands-on Investigation

For my final project I chose:

Media Arts Hands-on Investigation

Here is your chance to try one more creative project on your own. Your project should explore some of the elements of Media Arts ( space, time, light, motion, color and sound). You might choose to create an animation based on your own lesson plan, or make a short experimental movie around a theme. The work does not need to be narrative. Your project should result in a short quick-time movie clip (40-60 seconds long). For grading, plan to include all your idealization : sketches, story boards, and any other pre-visualization design work. Also create a post-production story board (a grid of thumbnail stills from the movie).

My concept is to use Vassily Kandinsky as an inspiration in my own exploration of color and sound. I will acuire a large sheet of plastic on which I will pore tempera paint. I will then videotape myself manipulating the paint with my hands while listening to a particular piece of music. Finally I will create a mono print of the finished manipulation. In the end I will have a short video, as well as a longer one, and a mono print.

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