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Project 1: Reflection.

The work animate has its origin in the Latin word animātus which means 'filled with breath or air, quickened, animated'. This idea of 'giving life' and 'filling with breath' are excellent starting points for understanding the reasons we animate images and stories.

This project was my first experience with animation in general. I enjoyed working in photoshop layers for the animation frames. I liked the animal and the background I made so it was fun to work with. I spent several hours with the images and was pleased with the results.
My disappointment with this project is threefold. First, I did it in only twenty minutes in class. I wish I had more time. Second, I couldn't figure out how to add music before class ended. Thirdly and finally, when I went back to edit it again all the layers wouldn't show up so I couldn't work further with the project.

For my first animation I think it was very successful project.

Project 1: Part 2: Quicktime Animation.

Very short animation began in Photoshop with layers and finished with Quicktime.
In retrospect I wish I had added music but I couldn't quite figure it out.

Project 1: Part 1: Digital Collage.

Dig Art Methods3.jpg

Project 1 Steps


As a class we created an image bank with 5 images each, one of each: texture, landscape, face, animal, mechanical object.

I used animal images from the community image bank but for my background I had a specific concept and used images from a telescope and the moon.


We used photoshop to create an imaginary creature from the pictures in the image bank.

I mostly used simple tools including: lasso and magic wand, blur, burn and various picture adjustments. I used three simple pictures: a barn owl, a deer, and horse hooves. I cut out the deer body and cropped its face to fit the cropped owl face over it. I blurred the two together and merged the layers.


We used photoshop to create a habitat for our creature.

I used overlay tool, cut and past, and the burn tool to made a surreal landscape for my beast. It was a combination of four photos (2 for the moon and 2 for the background). Using the overlay tool extensively enabled me to create a surreal but simple background.


We used the layers in photoshop to create an animated clip of our creature in its landscape.



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