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Project 2: Reflection.

My second experience with animation was an older animation technique: cutout animation. Cutout animation is related to stop motion but it specifically uses cutout elements made of paper, cardstock, fabric, or collage elements and photographs. We chose paper to make our pose-able dinosaur figures out of. During our twenty-minute presentation, the class created the motion.

I thought our figures were very successful but the support we used for the animation was reflective and not ideal for our use. We could have used more time to make the animation smoother and fuller but overall it went very well.

Project 2: Background.

Animation is the act of simulating movement by displaying a series of frames, also called still pictures. Cartoons, claymation, and the newer computer generated films are all examples of animation. Animation is different than video because video takes continuous motion and breaks it up into frames while animation starts with the independent pictures and puts them together to form the illusion of continuous motion.

 Cut-out animation is a specific technique for producing animations using flat backgrounds, characters, and props. The elements can be cut from materials like paper, cardstock, fabric, or collage elements and photographs. The earliest surviving cut-out animation was make in Argentina by Quirino Cristani in the early 1900's out of cardboard cutouts. Another notable figure in animation is Lotte Reiniger. In 1926 she made the first full-length animated feature in movie history called The Adventures of Prince Achmed which was a retelling of the tales included in The Arabian Nights. She used cutouts of cardboard and thin sheets of lead on glass. Today this form of animation can be made in a variety of ways, both traditionally with physical cutouts and on the computer, with scanned images, vector graphics or Photoshop images. Paper Cut Outs:

Paper City


Monty Python

Shadow Puppets:

princes et princesses

Chinese Shadow Theatre


Computer Renderings:

Little Fables

Blues Clues

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Project 2: Cut Out Animation.

Project 2: Examples of Cut Out Animations.

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