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Project 4: Final Reflection

I loved this project. It was so fun to do and translated well into a lesson plan.

There were a few things that I disliked about the process:
1.) The tempera paint really smelled extremely toxic.
2.) As I mixed it the paint got muddier and muddier.
3.) I should have taped the plastic sheeting down.

The monoprints worked very well. And the music was a great way to paint. It would be fun to experiment with different kinds of music (I used classical).

Final Project: Color and Sound Video

Final Project: Media Arts Hands-on Investigation

For my final project I chose:

Media Arts Hands-on Investigation

Here is your chance to try one more creative project on your own. Your project should explore some of the elements of Media Arts ( space, time, light, motion, color and sound). You might choose to create an animation based on your own lesson plan, or make a short experimental movie around a theme. The work does not need to be narrative. Your project should result in a short quick-time movie clip (40-60 seconds long). For grading, plan to include all your idealization : sketches, story boards, and any other pre-visualization design work. Also create a post-production story board (a grid of thumbnail stills from the movie).

My concept is to use Vassily Kandinsky as an inspiration in my own exploration of color and sound. I will acuire a large sheet of plastic on which I will pore tempera paint. I will then videotape myself manipulating the paint with my hands while listening to a particular piece of music. Finally I will create a mono print of the finished manipulation. In the end I will have a short video, as well as a longer one, and a mono print.

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