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Me += EM4102;

Quite a bit has happened in terms of design ideas since my last entry. An issue of IEEE magazine came in the mail a few weeks ago featuring an article about a man named Amal Graafstra who was implanted with two RFID chips, one being an EM4102. Previously, this had hardly been done in humans, as it is usually done in animals for identification purposes. After glancing at the cover I told my roommate that as soon as that was available for the average person, I would be the first in line. Later on, I realized that the article was about how you or I could, in fact, do the same!
I have settled on a single plan: starting my 1990 Honda Accord LX with my right hand. I recieved an EM4102 RFID tag which will soon be implanted in my right hand next to my thumb. I currently have a Phidgets reader. Tomorrow I will be ordering a RWD EM4102 reader. This is a nifty little chip that acts as a reader/microcontroller for a few purposes. It will be connected to a Microchip PIC18F4550. This will allow me to control various functions of the car, as well as control the reader itself.
Tonight I started on the design of the project using Gschem from the gEDA project. Once I finish the layout, I will convert it to PCB and order it.
As for the function of the project as a whole, the setup will be pretty nifty. The reader will be implanted near the driver side door handle so that the chip in my hand will be read when I reach to open the door. As soon as the chip is read, the doors will be unlocked and the ignition will be turned on. There will also be a start voltage supplied, but the car will not yet start because of the clutch switch. This means that all I have to do is get in the car and push in on the clutch and the car will start. There will also be a mode select switch which will allow me to turn the whole thing off (and only be allowed to start the car with the key) or force the unit to wait for a button push to start the car.
When the schematic becomes a bit better and more complete, I will post it. I'm still kinda learning this whole Gschem thing.

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