February 1, 2007

Using the blog.

Forgot about this thing. Seems to me it will be a good tool to help me give back to the open oource community of which I have taken so much. I am not some master programmer. I will never be able to do anything actually useful, however hopefully blogged entries of my escapades with Linux and other stereotypical computer-engineer-in-training type projects and whatnot will help at least one other person... somewhere. That being said, I currently use a Dell XPS m1210 which dual-boots Fedora Core 6 (yeah I'm a sucker for Compiz...) and Windows XP. I have two old Compaqs in the basement which serve as my webserver and router (potentially). The webserver runs CentOS 4.4, and the router runs (read: kinda runs) OpenBSD. It has yet to be correctly set up due to class taking a priority.


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