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The built environment

So this has nothing to do with the Built environment... but is really funny so you should play it to the class.
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The built environment has formed who I am today. Everything around me has had an impact on the way I think and act, most of the time I haven't even realized how much of an impact it has had on me. When i was little my town was mostly a houses and cornfields, there were not a lot of subdivisions. But over the years cornfields are being taken over by subdivisions. Going down my road used to be so pretty because the road was lined with trees and fields, but now it is has only a few trees left as houses on the sides of it. There are rarely animals that are crossing the road, compared to when we would always have to stop and let the deer pass. It is sad because it seems that the only important thing to people is to keep building, When is it going to stop so there will still be some green on this earth.
It is as far from the city you try to get, the closer it comes to you. The cities just keep growing and there is nowhere to hide from it. To put this in perspective lets compare this to a horror movie. You know when the good guys are running from the bad guy and the bad guys are always walking and the good guys are running as fast as they can. I never knew how the bad guys always stayed right behind the good guys because they are only walking...

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To try and explain how the built environment has affected me I will start saying that it has made me want to become an architect. Every time I walk into a house or building it evokes a certain feeling. The little details change the way a person feels about the space. This is why I want to be an architect. I want to create spaces where I can affect the way a person feels.
This shows the change of the built environment. It started out simple but then it has grown and spread through out the world. The types of buildings have changed and there are all different ways to do things.


This shows that time is running out. The way we are building today is not very consciencous of the environment. We need to make more things green and worry about the environment more.

Phenomena/ opposition
No matter what the weather might be. The built environment has to be prepared for anything that might happen. It is not always clear what or when something will happen, but there has to be a way to fix or prevent the built environment when a phenomena occurs. This is also an example of an opposition of climate and enclosure. Buildings have to be able to stand up against wind, sand, etc...

The built environment is constantly changing and I want to be a part of that change. With the frameworks, clockworks, phenomena, and oppositions, I want to work with these challenges and try help make a better built environment.