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First PYC day

For my service learning project I have decided to volunteer at Plymouth Youth Center in the high school. My first day I went on February 8th from 10:30-11:15. I went there with Laura Fickes and we met with Kathleen. She told us that we would be working together in a study group with two girls, Tanyka and Anthonisha, in math. This way the girls would be able to help each other and then if they could not figure out the answer than Laura and I would be there to help them out. The first day was more of an orientation and we just met with the girls and got to know them more. Both girls were very nice and they told us how much they really did need our help with their math homework. We talked about the PYC and how long they had been there and what school they went to before they came here. Then they asked us about college: if we liked it, if it was hard to get used to, etc.. After we got to know them a little we talked with Kathleen again and she told us that she would have workbooks for the girls to work with next time we came.