Unrest in Port Said, Egypt, after judge's verdict

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The day after the second anniversary of the overthrow of dictator Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian streets of Port Said erupted in violence in response to the verdict of a deadly soccer game, news sources reported.

Judge Sobhy Abdel Maguid listed 21 al-Marsri fans who were to be executed for their activity in the bloodshed that resulted after a soccer game last year against Al-Ahly, a team from Cairo, NBC reported. All death sentences must be referred to the Mufti, Egypt's top religious officials, reported NBC.

The verdict, Judge Maguid read on Saturday, lead to violence in the streets of Port Said, a city off the Suez Canal, the BBC reported.

Friday, the second anniversary of the coup d'etat of autocrat Hosni Mubarak, was marked by violent upheaval with as many as 9 people killed, and more than 450 wounded, reported BBC.

Momen Asour, a protestor on Friday at Cairo's Tahrir Square, told BBC he had come to demand an end to President Morsi's rule. "We have not seen anything, Neither freedom, nor social justice, or any solution to unemployment, or any investment. On the contrary, the economy has collapsed, he told BBC."

It was the third consecutive day of bloodshed in the streets of Egypt as police and protesters clashed over the state of the country, The New York Times said.

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